Balance sheet items of mutual fund

What is the hurdle rate & high water mark ?

Bond Accretion and Amortization

How do you amortize a bond?

Financial reporting of a fund

What is the distribution NAV?

How do you calculate net assets on a balance sheet?

How is the price of an ETF determined?

Where does a gain go on the balance sheet?

Why NAV is important?

What are investments on the balance sheet?

What is a private equity fund accountant?

How do you calculate NAV?

What is the role of a fund accountant?

Mutual fund accounting

Buffet's secret of succesfull investing

Interest rate correlation

Derivatives types

What Is Profit & Loss (PnL)?

What is a notional amount?

What is the difference between initial margin and variation margin?

What is upfront margin?

What is a future margin?

Total Return Swap

Foreign-Exchange (FX) Swaps

Commodity Swap

Trigger Swap

Asset Swap

Credit Default Swap

Interest Rate Swap

What are the different types of derivatives?

What are treasury services at a bank?

What is a treasury department in a company?

What do hedge funds invest in?

What is the difference between a hedge fund and a private equity fund?

What is a redemption fee?

How hedge funds are taxed?

How does a PE firm make money?

What is a performance fee?

What is carried interest in private equity?

What is a high water mark for hedge funds?

What is 2 and 20 in hedge funds?

What is crystallization in hedge funds?

Asset allocation

Swap rate

Fx swap

Swap process


Mortgage loan factor

Paydown factor

Paydown & Payup

Factor bond

Dirty price

Paydown factor



Accretion of bond premium

Ammortization of bonds

US GAAP application on funds

Types of mutual funds

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Hedge fund accountant

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